Ultimate Questions

that all of humanity wonders about that

can only be answered by the Bible.

How did we get here? Why are we here? Where are we going?

Questions about

Who , What , Where , When , Why , How

arise from, and help answer, the Ultimate Questions. Asking questions and learning their answers will give you a better understanding of your Creator and your relationship with Him!


told you that?

You are meant to read and understand God's Word! If you doubt things you hear then look them up. Scripture is the ultimate source so why trust a middle man? ... Who are YOU? ...


must you do to be saved?

Different people will tell you different things. Isn't your relationship with your Creator worth getting right? The Bible has a clear pattern to reconciliation! ... What can make you whole again? ...


do you go when you die?

Believers and non-believers alike contemplate their mortality. From the minute we are born we are dying, but then what? ... Where is our final destination? ...


is Jesus coming back?

This world is not your home. You are just passing through. When is Jesus coming back to get us and why aren't we just beamed up when we accept Him as Lord? ... When will the trumpets sound? ...

You need Six Answers to fully understand God's plan. Find out what they are.


free will?

If I tell you to tell me you love me it sure doesn't mean much when you say it. Why? Because I had to tell you to do it. God wants His creation to choose Him! ... Why does my flesh betray me?


can I be assured?

If you want to please God you need to know Him and that can only be done through His Word. How can you know you are saved? ... How do I please God? ...